Strategic Partners


Imagine being able to deliver a guest broadband experience based on user profile or status. Imagine being able to make fact based decisions and save 50% of your bandwidth. Imagine having experts on hand with 24/7 support, package internet for specific segments of your business, and route your traffic across different ISP links. With Reivernet, it's all possible..

Reivernet's gateway software provides the perfect guest broadband management tool for hotels where multiple users and devices are logging on, where you wish to tailor their experience, and where you need to burst on demand.


With HP, we can bring resiliency and stable performance to your network. HP networking switches offer high performance, scalability, and a wide range of features for core to edge connectivity that dramatically reduces network complexity and lowers cost of ownership. We use managed or unmanaged switches depending on the network design and the requirement.


We are a certified Ruckus Partner in the Ruckus Wireless Big Dogs Partner Program.

As Wi-Fi becomes more pervasive, our customers need a wide range of assistance to fully understand and take advantage of Wi-Fi. Ruckus works with partners like us to ensure Ruckus products are readily available and that customers have a choice of resources to help them understand, acquire, deploy and operate Ruckus Wi-Fi and associated applications.

We use Ruckus Wireless products in hotels, premium restaurants, public hotspots, private hotspots.