Treya Consultancy

Our expertise and experience in the hospitality industry is unparalleled as we have worked with the biggest and the most luxurious of national and international hospitality brands like Marriott, Starwood International, Hyatt, Leela, Oberoi, Accor, etc.

We are completely aware of each of the hotel's technology brand standards as we have worked with them over a period of years.

We offer complete bouquet of hospitality technology consultancy services specialising in:

  • Overall Project Management (Excluding Construction Management)
  • Design Management
  • Design Coordination
  • Project Coordination
  • Procurement Management
  • Pre-Opening Planning and Project Handover.

We also specialise in Overall Hotel Technology Planning, Designing and Design management with respect to Hotels and Hospitality Technology.

What is the “Gold Standard” certification in WiFi?

The “Gold Standard” in WiFi is an attempt to provide seamless and an extraordinary experience on WiFi to the users. This certification guarantees privacy protection, user data protection and safe browsing. It also ensures that the venues comply to various regulations and standards prescribed by local and international authorities.

Why does one get certified?

  • WiFi experience is patchy with every network
  • WiFi installations are ad-hoc without proper thought given to experience and security
  • A large majority of hackings happen on WiFi networks with millions of dollars lost
  • Hotel and public WiFi is especially vulnerable.
  • WiFi is generally under-engineered or over-engineered due to lack of common standards

Who can get certified?

  • Any institution who believes in providing a seamless experience, security and data privacy on its WiFi network should have their network certified
  • Hotels, where WiFi is a critical service
  • Restaurants, where data privacy is critical
  • Offices, where employees are connected on WiFi network

How does one get certified?

  • Treya would audit the entire WiFi network using various tools
  • Study the current configuration
  • Use active and passive VAPT methods
  • Ensure user data is not shared with any Third Party
  • Employ GDPR
  • Heat map signal coverage