Treya HotSpot

Treya Hotspot is a single platform that offers Wi-Fi access to any hospitality venue's customers.

A venue could be a restaurant, mall, cinemas or hotels.

You will not only end up providing an engaging Wi-Fi experience but will also benefit using our customizable portal, powerful proximity marketing, advertising, social media and analytics applications.

We have a simple three pronged approach:

Wi-Fi Hotspot Management

We will enable you to freely manage your guest Wi-Fi access. You can customize the portal to match the look and feel of your brand. Moreover, you can define Internet plans and choose among multiple login options.

We will enable you to personalize the portal presented by the captive portal to match the look and feel of your brand and build customer loyalty. Thanks to the responsive design features, the portal adapts itself to the visitors' devices.

We can empower you to offer free or pay-per-use services in recurring or one-time formats. You can set time-based policies or provide vouchers through PINs. Plus, you can get visitors connected using auto-provisioning or help them benefit from self-provisioning on the portal.

We can help you deliver an appealing login experience. We can configure the portal through multiple login options including username/password, social login and click-through. Using HotSpot 2.0, we can also provide the end customers with a seamless authentication process.

Provide Engaging Marketing Apps

We can help you to engage your customers over Wi-Fi. You can offer marketing promotions and generate additional revenues from third-party advertising. Plus, you can spread your brand on social media networks and enhance visitors' online experience.

We will provide you with powerful applications to organize successful marketing strategies. You can create proximity marketing campaigns to deliver messages tailored to the right audience in real time. You can create couponing campaigns, set up online contests, and launch online surveys.

We will help you drive online visitors in their purchases through the branded portal and generate additional revenues from third-party advertising. Provide you with maximum flexibility to communicate your message by choosing between rotating banners or interstitials.

We can empower you to spread your brand on social media by enabling your visitors to use social network accounts to get connected. You can set up automated Likes, Posts, Check-ins and Follows in just a few clicks. Plus, you can encourage visitors to "like" your Facebook page and timeline posts.

We will support you to enhance your visitors' online experience. You can enable visitors to chat among themselves, find relevant information on the map, leave messages on the virtual bulletin board, and have access to the latest news or weather forecasts.

Provide Powerful Analytics

We will provide you with powerful analytics and empower you to learn more about your visitors. By collecting and analyzing information about your visitors' behaviour, you can improve your services and reports available to you.

We can enable you to collect and analyze information about online visitors registered to a specific Wi-Fi hotspot. You can access a wide range of metrics: capture rate, conversion rate, repeat rate, daily distribution of sessions, average session time, and number of single-time or recurring users.

We will empower you to improve visitors' engagement and loyalty across the Wi-Fi coverage. You can have access to a variety of data collected by APs. For instance, you can keep track of traffic trends, dwelling and browsing time, loyalty distribution, new vs. repeat users, capture rate and loyalty rate.

We can provide you with access to your visitors' social network profiles to better drive the revenues. Several different types of information are available, such as number of visitors using social login, distribution of social login options, social login loyalty rate and user demographics (age and gender).

We will help you improve your guest Wi-Fi access. You can access a wide range of information, such as total number of users, number of logins, amount of traffic, number of impressions, devices used by visitors, operating system supported by the device and browser selected to go online.


We measure ourselves not only by what we do, but how we do it.


Live Café: 200 (Under Installation –500)


Youth –Age 18-25

Executives –Age 26-35

Upwardly Mobile, High Propensity To Spend

Interested In Gaming/Social Networking, Technology Acceptance


30 Users Per Day Per Site And 60 Impressions Per Day Per Site

Shoppers Stop

# 78 Locations

# Central Authentication

# Central controller

# Limited Internet

# Time bound

# Data bound


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