Treya VAMS

Traditional visitor security management systems includes the likes of maintaining a register where the walk-in visitor fills the personal details manually, the security guard checking the identity card of the visitor, presence of CCTVs in the premises and sometimes capturing visitors' photographs though a web camera.

However, a key element is missing. Authentication!

Treya's Visitor Authentication & Management System (VAMS) fills this void by authenticating the visitor in real time.


  • Web based application. Easy deployment and management across multiple locations.
  • Integration with all standard databases
  • Total privacy and data security
  • Integration with third-party hardware like flap barriers, barcode readers, visiting card scanners & digital signature pads
  • Powerful analytics module for audit reports
  • Real time reports
  • Emergency alerts module
  • Prior appointment module to expedite entry
  • SMS / Email alerts to hosts with visitors' photographs
  • Customized visitors pass
  • Can handle multiple visitors in a party

Infrastructure Requirement

  • PC with internet connection and a browser
  • Web camera
  • Printer (Optional)
  • Scanner (Optional)