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What brings you here?

Who we are and how do we do this?

We are a company with a pedigree of providing WiFi solutions to 5 star hotels. The cumulative experience of more than 60 years of serving WiFi to every discerning hotel guests have taught us to be sensitive towards user’s WiFi experience and security. We have earned our niche in providing WiFi solutions at mission critical sites where unavailability of WiFi services directly results into revenue loss.

We have helped customers in sizing their WiFi network requirement based on their usage patterns. The accurate sizing results into direct and indirect savings for the customers. This has amounted to millions of dollars saved for our customers.

Our monitoring services are 24x7x364 days for all WiFi setups.

We have L1/L2/L3 support operating from Mumbai, India and L3/L4 support out of Dubai, Singapore and New Zealand spanning all time zones across Middle East, India and Asia Pacific. Our engineers are certified on most of the Wireless brands and carry minimum 10 years of experience on WiFi installations.

Our project management and documentation are best in the industry, and we have experience in delivering sites on very tight timelines. We have experience in delivering end to end WiFi solutions from cabling (passive installation), supply and installation of active components and managing/operating WiFi networks.


Treya is a pure play WiFi solution provider and specializes in provisioning and protecting WiFi environments. While most of the other companies are general system integrators that just happen to offer WiFi too, Treya is highly sensitized to various issues faced in a wireless environment and is fully equipped to mitigate such issues. This makes the company a favoured wireless solution provider at mission critical sites such as banks, hotels, hospitals etc. The company offers its services to more than 200 such sites across India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Treya HSIA

Where service is of paramount importance. Stringent SLA driven network and support infrastructure

Treya WiFi

Where service is commoditized and is a standard requirement. Price sensitive solutions.

Treya Hotspot

Where service is “nice to have” and still not have turned into a “must-have”. Public space and venues attracting large foot falls

Treya Cast

Providing OTT and user content on television through a secured WiFi connection using Chromecast

24x7 Helpdesk Support (Mumbai, India)

24x7 NOC Support - l1/l2/l3 Remote Support (India / Dubai / Singapore / New Zealand)

SLA based support as per brand standards

On site, on demand support services

On-site support engineer



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In the next couple of years, wireless would be capable enough to replace conventional wired networks and all devices would be connected to a wireless network. In this connected world, bandwidth, spectrum and security have to be managed efficiently. Treya is striving to be at this phygital edge connecting users seamlessly and securely to this new networked world.

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